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Engaged Search

Highly recommended for positions that have a high priority and sense of urgency.

Biggest Benefit: Our recruiters actively recruit passive candidates to fill your job(s)

How it works:

We actively identify and attempt to recruit professionals who work for competing or like companies and that fit your needs.  We also check our database, add the job(s) to our email campaigns and post the job appropriately.  This is our most popular option.

Contingent Search

Recommended for positions that need to be filled but have a low priority.

Biggest Benefit: No upfront costs.

How it works:

We will actively recruit to fill your position by searching our database, including your job(s) in our email campaigns and by posting your job(s) on job boards and our website.  In the event our workload increases with more engaged searches, this project will be relegated to passive search status.

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