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September 2019 – Apprenticeships: The Good and the Bad

September 2019 – Apprenticeships: The Good and the Bad

To Whom it May Concern,

We have recently worked with Conrad to successfully fill key positions at our construction company.  We have found his process and diligence quite valuable, and it has resulted in finding and hiring two excellent candidates that would not have been able available to us if it were not for Conrad.

Before recommending any candidates, Conrad was thorough in understanding the nature of the positions we were hoping to fill, and helpful in reviewing and refining the job descriptions, list of desired qualifications and salary range.   He also took the time to get to know our company culture and current personnel in order to understand what characteristics and personality traits would be the best fit for us.

Once Conrad understood our company and the positions, he was selective in the candidates he recommended to us.  Prior to scheduling interviews, he provided us a valuable “advance briefing” about each candidate, going beyond their resume, so we could better understand their background, current situation, and their future goals.  This allowed us to get a deeper understanding of each candidate, and prepare well for the initial interviews.

Conrad was then diligent in his follow-up with us after the interviews.  He sought our feedback about the candidates, and asked great questions to ascertain how to adjust his search criteria, or our desired qualifications, as he continued his search for additional candidates.  Once we settled on a candidate, and were ready to make an offer, Conrad offered valuable input to us in constructing an offer that would work for both parties.  In both cases, the offer process was smooth and agreeable without excessive negotiations.

In summary, Conrad has been a pleasure to work with, and our company has benefited by gaining two excellent new employees.  We plan to continue working with Conrad for future employment needs.



President – Custom Home Building Company

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